Coloured Sketch with rough shading of your chosen character(s)Bust - 40 NZD
Half-body - 50 NZD
Full-body - 60 NZD


Coloured and lined with simple shading of your chosen character(s)Bust - 50 NZD
Half-body - 60 NZD
Full-body - 70 NZD

Full Render

Fully rendered artwork of your chosen character(s)Bust - 80 NZD
Half-body - 90 NZD
Full-body - 100 NZD

Extra/Additional feesPrice
Simple/Solid backgroundFree
Complex background20 - 40 NZD
Props/Items20 - 30 NZD
Complex character20 - 30 NZD
Extra character50% of base price


Will draw

  • Animals/Pets

  • Dragons and creatures alike

  • Anthro/Furry

  • Humanoids (Experimental)

  • Mild gore (Blood, small wounds)

Anything not on this list, feel free to ask me if I can draw it or not.

Will not draw

  • NSFW

  • Mecha

  • Insects

  • NFT's

  • Anything I am not comfortable with drawing

By commissioning me, DarkDust, you are accepting the Terms of Service below:


  • I have the right to refuse any request, or cancel and refund at any point before the commission is complete.

  • I have the right to share commissioned work for promotional purposes. If you want me to delay the time it is posted, please let me know before the commission is complete.

  • I have the right to make changes to my Terms of Service and prices. Changes will not apply retroactively.

  • Please provide references of your character(s). I will not draw characters based on description.

  • You cannot sell or make money off of my work in any way.


  • My usual turnaround time is one to two weeks. In some cases, a single illustration can take up to one month. Please note that complex commissions, busy schedules, and a long waitlist can extend the time it takes to deliver the final product.

  • You are allowed to request updates at any time, I ask that you try to limit it to once every other day.

  • I will always provide updates when the sketch, line art, and/or flat colour is complete.

  • You are allowed to revise during the sketch and flat colour process. Please be clear and concise with what you would like to be changed to avoid an excessive number of revisions.


  • All payments are 50% up front, 50% after completion.

  • All payments made through Seller Profile or Invoice via PayPal.